Terms of Service

1. Beezz.app is a product built by the company, Industrial Master pvt Ltd. Therefore, by registering as a teacher with https://beezz.app, the teacher agrees to the following terms and conditions and the agreement is between the registered teacher and Industrial Master pvt Ltd(hereafter may be referred to as SITE ADMINISTRATOR).

2. Teaching materials uploaded to this site are considered to be intellectual property of teachers and therefore teachers are required to submit their own teaching materials and teachers are agreed to fully release SITE ADMINISTRATOR from any third party responsibility or claim on duplicated or copied teaching materials uploaded to this site by a specific teacher as their own materials.

3. Selecting a teacher for a session is based on the utmost confidence of the teacher by the parents or the student, and SITE ADMINISTRATOR will not be liable for the quality of the teaching materials provided by the teacher to the students. SITE ADMINISTRATOR shall be fully discharged for liability on the quality of teaching materials and such complaints shall be transmitted to teachers and teachers should be held liable for the quality of teaching, defective materials or incorrect guidelines for the unacceptable teaching of a particular subject.

4. When a teacher has agreed to arrange a session for students, it is the greatest responsibility of the teacher to forward the required learning materials to the site administrator at least one day before the scheduled date of the session and teacher shouldn't cancel the schedule once the students commence payment. In the event of the inability of the teacher and the site administrator to pay back the fees to the students , the teacher is personally liable for loss of commission or revenue to the SITE ADMINISTRATOR;

5. Teachers will be notified in detail of the number of students and the booking rate for each session and the number of sessions per week for which students are enrolled.

6. Total revenues earned from the total sessions for each week shall be paid to the teacher after deduction of the fee agreed between the teacher and the SITE ADMINISTRATOR.

7. Teachers may submit your questions, clarifications or comments to us via the Contact Us page or by e-mail info@beezz.app to be able to process your enquiries through the SITE ADMINISTRATOR.

8. In the case of System Failure by SITE ADMINISTRATOR, the session booked by the students will be canceled and the student can be refunded. In such unavoidable circumstances, SITE ADMINISTRATOR will notify the teachers of the issue and payment will not be paid for the canceled session due to system failure.

9. SITE ADMINISTRATOR reserves the right, at the discretion of the SITE ADMINISTRATOR, to cancel the registration or service of teachers provided through this website.

10. Any further dispute between SITE ADMINISTRATOR and the teachers will be resolved by means of consultation and arbitration by the parties meeting in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

11. The laws of the Sri Lankan Democratic Socialist Republic govern the use of this Web Site.