Terms of Service

Beezz.app is a product built by the company, Industrial Master pvt Ltd. Therefore, by registering as a student with https://beezz.app, the student agrees to the following terms and conditions and the agreement is between the registered student and Industrial Master pvt Ltd (hereafter referred to as SITE ADMINISTRATOR).

Students must request a session from a chosen tutor / teacher and SITE ADMINISTRATOR must approve or deny the session within 24 hours, and the student will be informed of the scheduled time of the session upon approval.

Upon confirmation of payment by the student, the student will be able to access the teaching materials provided by the teacher for the course booked by the student

No refund is possible after the session has been confirmed unless there is a problem with the Site Administrator in which the student has experienced a dissatisfactory level of access to the teaching material provided as a result of system failure.

Any complaint concerning an inadequate level of access due to a system problem must be notified to the SITE ADMINISTRATOR within 24 hours of the date of access

You may contact the site administrator by using the Contact Us page or by email info@beezz.app to be able to process your enquiries, we will collect your contact details. Such data are not released to third parties or used for any reason other than to process your request.

SITE ADMINISTRATOR shall not collect personal information without your permission or knowledge. You will only be asked to provide personal information that is appropriate to complete the transactions and these details are the minimum provided by the payment gateway provider. Your credit card or debit card information is only acquired through the secure encrypted Internet payment gateway page of the bank where our student's subscription system is linked. SITE ADMINISTRATOR is guaranteed that your credit card or debit information will not be acquired or stored

Any form of teaching materials provided on the site is the intellectual property of a specific teacher and without the permission of SITE ADMINISTRATOR, the student is strictly prohibited from copying, recording, storing, printing, distributing or selling teaching materials and, for such malpractices, SITE ADMINISTRATOR may take legal action under current law.

Selecting a specific teacher for a session is based on the full discretion of parents or students, and SITE ADMINISTRATOR shall not be liable about the quality of the teaching materials provided by a particular teacher, and SITE ADMINISTRATOR shall be fully discharged from liability on quality of the teaching materials.

Any further dispute between SITE ADMINISTRATOR and parents or students shall be resolved by means of consultation and arbitration by the Parties meeting in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The laws of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka shall govern the use of this website.